Hugo theme Snotra
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Hugo theme : Snotra

This is a dark and classy Hugo theme.


To install Simple-site theme, you can simply clone the repository to your site's theme directory.

$ mkdir themes
$ cd themes
$ git clone snotra

Don't forget to change the theme in your config.toml file.



baseurl = "" # The base url of your Hugo website
title = "Title"                 # The title of your website
author = "Author"               # The author of the website
language = "fr"
theme = "snotra"                # The Hugo theme


The menu is generated following all the files in the root directory and the articles in the blog directory. To avoid the blog entry to be pluralized, add the following option to your config file:

pluralizeListTitles = false


You can use some parameters to fill meta tags and bases images:

	description = "" # Description for the meta tag
	favicon = ""     # Favicon URL
	logo = ""        # Logo URL
	keyword = ""     # Keywords for the meta tag

The favicon is only the filename, the file should be in static/images directory. If favicon isn't set, the default test values are favicon.svg and favicon.png. If none exists, there will be no favicon.

Home page

The home page use one avatar, the name, one description and a list of social networks. For the social networks, see Social Networks chapter.

	author = "Author"     # The author of the website
	info   = "Your infos" # Displayed under author name
	avatar = "file.png"   # Placed in static/images


Twitter cards are automaticly generated. If you want tho have the twitter:site meta generated, add the following option to your config file:

	twitterUser = "youruser" # Your Twitter account without @

Custom CSS

	custom_css = ["style.css"] # Your own css files

Social Networks

You can also set some of your networks accounts to display on the home page. Every social network (or not so network) have to be described with thoses options:

	name   = "Title of the entry"            # Title, used on hover
	icon   = "facebook"                      # Icon to use
	weight = 1                               # Sort order
	url    = "" # Link to your account

You can also add some non social elements, you only need to have an icon.