Basic formation plan
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Formation plan

A simple formation schedule to better organize trainings.

Getting started

By default, the logo is the logo.pdf file. With the command \logo it is possible to change it.


The command \context defines the context in which this training will be given.


The subject of the training is specified by the command \subject.


An optional short sentence to describe the subject or to clarify it. The command \subtopic allows you to configure it. La commande \subtopic permet de la configurer.


The objectives of the training are defined by the command \objectives. They will often be on several lines, that is not a problem.


Similar to the objectives, the command \messages allows us to define the messages we want to convey to learners during the training.


  • Gregory Trolliet - Initial work - Website


This project is licensed under the WTFPL License - see the file for details.